Sunday, 6 February 2011

First post!

A new blog! A first post! It's all very exciting. I'm tempted to ramble on, but instead I'll tell you a bit about me and what I plan to do here, as per tradition.

I'm a stay at home mum in Scotland.  I'm a qualified librarian, though with the current cuts it's looking less likely that I'll be able to get back into that field when I go back into the workforce. I'm happily married with one fabulous 20 month old daughter (usually known as 'the duckling') and a husband, Mr. Purpleduck, who's a wonderful photographer.
We live near Edinburgh, and we're Quakers.

It's really hard to find Quaker family and parenting experience and resources, especially from British quaker parents. There are some out there, but having spent many hours looking for guidance, anecdotes and a sympathetic ear on occasion I finally realised that if I'm not part of the solution I'm part of the problem! I don't claim to have any answers, in fact I don't believe there is 'an answer' to any parenting conundrum, but perhaps telling our experiences may make one or two people feel that bit less alone, and that has to make it worth it.

In the interest of transparency I do intend to sign up to put ads on here at some stage but I'll do my level best not to let them intrude. If they get annoying please tell me.

The blog title, 'Think it possible', is a reference to Advices and Queries 17, which ends "Think it possible that you may be mistaken." Well I'm often mistaken! Who isn't? But hopefully I learn from it and take that lesson with me. It's been very important as a parent to be able to do so. I love this idea, and the abbreviation I've used to make the blog title is a small note of hope in a chaotic, wonderful, maddening, exhilarating, challenging, joyful life. Whatever life throws at you, whatever must be done, always think it possible.


  1. Please link via FB/LJ when you update, looking good so far!

  2. Hi! I'm making an RSS for LJ even as we speak; I'm not sure I can comment directly back to Aletea, but let her know!

  3. Welcome to Blogger. Love your background ;)

  4. Hi - I love the look of this blog (as a full-time dad - and quaker - myself). As Aletea said, is it possible to get updates via fb? All the best!

  5. Thanks all! I'll add a facebook page when I put up my new post (in the morning when I've slept on it - I think grammar and spelling might be easier after some sleep!). I feel silly adding one when there's only 2 posts so far, somehow!

  6. Great to find your blog! Stuck one of your posts up on, hope you enjoy the traffic.
    I am another Quaker parent - much further South, in the West Midlands of England. Looking forward to reading more :)

  7. Hi! I've finally added a FB page for following convenience. :) I kept putting it off until there were a few more posts! It's not very exciting yet. I need to think about some pictures.

    ps Alice Y I really did enjoy the traffic. :) Thank you!